Summer Activities for Children with Learning Disabilities

Summer Activities for Learning Disabilities

When summer vacation arrives, parents are faced with a choice of how to deal with their child with learning disabilities.  Do you use summer as a time for catching up on academic skills through tutoring, summer school, or one-on-one instruction or this the time to rest and be free of the stress that is associated with school and learning activities? Both have their pros and cons and can benefit your child.

Activities that Enhance Skills

Some parents find that summer is the time to enhance skills. Tutoring to improve reading, math, writing or study skills is often selected. If formal tutoring is selected, it should be scheduled so that the student still has some break in academic instruction before school starts. Tutoring is often available from private tutors, at some community colleges, through the community education programs at some schools, through park and recreation programs, and through teacher education programs at universities.


Lessons and Camps

Swimming lessons, summer camps, summer sports camps and music lessons are also summer options. These activities focus on areas of development that might be neglected due to the demands of the regular school year. When selecting summer activities, make sure that the leaders or teachers of the activity have some understanding of your child’s special needs. If your child has trouble with following directions, for example, provide information about effective ways to give him directions. If he needs time to process information, tell the leader how this is handled at school. Summer activities should have a positive effect on the child. Not everyone is knowledgeable about learning disabilities, so be prepared to share your knowledge to enable your child to have a successful experience.


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