Our director Kim Artlip, has a long-standing history in the special needs advocacy community. From her struggles as a parent of a child with learning disabilities, she reached out for help with learning her rights, her son’s rights and how best to work with the school system. Not only did that organization help her son but it has been her purpose and a mission to help others.

Kim joined West Virginia Parent Training and Information as a parent trainer working to support and inform parents in fifteen counties in her state. But that was just the beginning of her journey. During the next decade, she went on to become the President of the WV Learning Disabilities Association, become a trained partner with the WV Developmental Disabilities Learning Council, testified before Senate subcommittees on the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and work tirelessly with parents to form local and statewide support groups.

After her relocation to Florida, she still worked with families remotely and volunteered with several organizations but her dream was to one day return to supporting other parents with special needs children. IGNITE Advocacy was born out of this dream and partnered with her company IGNITE Wrestling to bring awareness to special needs.