Why You Should Support Small Local Nonprofits

We would all love to do more with our time. We are all so busy. But if we are lucky enough to have enough to support our families and live comfortable lives, then extra income can both help our communities and make you a major multi-tasker. How’s that?

1. Supporting Important Causes Means You Get To Help Accomplish a Variety of Projects. Depending on what groups you support, you might be able to directly help local babies, museums, libraries or senior citizens. Volunteering might be too much time for you but a financial contribution can make an even bigger impact.

2. Giving to Others Gives You A Feeling of Satisfaction. It’s truly better to give rather than receive. Donors get a boost in self-esteem and a Canadian study linked giving back with improved physical health and lower stress. This “helper’s high” is the real deal. There is also the benefit of living in the community that is strengthened by the work of quality non-profits. Win-win.

3. The Tax Deduction Makes A Difference Too. That bottom line is important. You’ll need to consult your accountant (or TurboTax) of course, but donations to certified non-profit organizations can be deducted from your federal taxes. If you donate your services to a non-profit, then you might be able to write those off as well.

So take to the internet and find those charities that resonate with you.  We hope that you will consider assisting the efforts of IGNITE Advocacy as we continue to provide support and resources to parents of children with special needs.  Contributing is just a click away at http://igniteadvocacy.org/donate and your support is truly appreciated.

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